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Now, you’re probably wondering why VPN’s are so important – that’s what I’m going to cover before getting into the actual services themselves. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essentially your own little network of internet connections. They’re used to access content that would otherwise be locked when it comes to the Canadian borders, as well as just appear as if you were located in another area altogether. VPN’s are used for an abundance of different reasons, some of them would be considered ‘good’, while others seem a little more hostile. Even if you’re not in a specific country, your VPN connection will allow you to connect to the internet as if you were. Want to make it look like you’re -.­­browsing the web from France? No problem! A VPN can have that handled in almost no time at all.

The Specifics: What Can a VPN Do for Me?

VPN’s are a way of securing your IP address, which makes it much more difficult for online scammers to hack into your computer. Getting a hold of your IP address is a big issue, as hackers and such can essentially connect to your computer at will – with a VPN, your IP will always be cloaked (and they’ll never be able to find your REAL IP address!). There are absolutely no limitations to where a VPN can be located, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world (or where you want it to seem like you’re connecting from); your needs will be met with ease if you use the 5 VPN providers I’m recommending today.

Encryption of Data

Every single piece of data that gets sent through your VPN connection will be encrypted, ensuring that prying eyes will never be able to peek at what you’re working on. If you’re a large corporation, or simply somebody who needs an extra layer of security on their internet connection, the right VPN service could very well save the day.

Simulating a Physical Location

There are a lot of different ways to throw people off on the internet, with simulating a physical location (through the use of VPN’s) being one of them. Canadian citizens are known to have a lot of limitations set upon their internet browsing hobbies, which sucks (to say the least). We don’t get to watch specific TV shows and clips like the people in the United States do – but we could! With the right VPN, you could unlock things like American Netflix with ease; it would also allow you to browse through those previously locked YouTube videos! It doesn’t just apply to American stuff, as it could also allow you to unlock entertainment content from the UK and such as well.


Torrenting is a past-time that the people of 2017 are keeping alive and well. This is due to the fact that so many high-quality programs are available to be torrent, meaning, you don’t exactly have to pay for them. The thing about torrenting is that it’s illegal, essentially. Since that is the case, a lot of people rely on high-quality VPN’s to keep up with their constant torrent needs. These needs are usually quite immense, downloading more than a few torrents a day – the best VPN services are still able to provide you with safety, comfort and a very high speed of internet connection. Not every single VPN will let you download torrents, so keep that in mind.

Feeling a Bit Naughty?

This isn’t exactly practical, but pornographic sites are something that you could be seriously considering purchasing a VPN for. If you don’t want people to know where you’ve been going (in regards to your internet history, because trust me, your internet provider knows!); you’ll need a VPN. It’s as simple as that. Privacy doesn’t really exist anymore, but a Virtual Private Network can do a lot to combat that.

This doesn’t have to pertain specifically to pornographic content, as opposed to things you just wouldn’t want anybody else to see you taking a look at. You’re an individual and you like certain things, it’s okay if you want to hide your inner urges; that’s what society expects anyways.

Android/iPhone Usage?

You can even use VPN’s on your mobile devices, such as: tablets, smartphones and pretty much anything else that can receive an internet connection (which is a lot of stuff nowadays). The best VPN services are going to have applications available for products like these, because they understand that practicality is relatively important. If they didn’t, it’d kind of be like giving you a private internet connection, but only letting it work on a bulky desktop computer from 1994.

As the need for a high-quality VPN services grows exponentially throughout the years, there’s only really one way to find the right fit; that’s through research. I’m going to show you which specific VPN providers are worth the amount of money you’re paying to work with them, as well as delve deeper into the specifics of their services. Never fear, because I am here to save the day! With VPN service reviews, of course.

VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN tunnel?

A VPN tunnel is a private network which is basically set up by two hosts. VPN tunneling involves the process of establishing and maintaining logical networks online. There are two types of tunnels which are compulsory or voluntary. With a compulsory tunnel the provider will manage the tunnel. In a voluntary tunnel system the client (user) manages their online connection.

The VPN tunnel performs a process known as encapsulation. Basically this means only you (the user), and the provider have access to the information flowing within the tunnel. A good way to think about it is to consider a physical tunnel. Information (cars) flow back and forth securely, and if anything is intercepted within the tunnel, there is no way to know who sent the information. Basically as a client, your information flowing through the tunnel is encrypted, so if you don’t want others to know who is sending it, there is no way for people to find out your identity

What is a DNS leak?

This refers to an instance where a security flaw occurs allowing the IP address (the client’s information) to be discovered. Your connection to certain sites you are visiting becomes leaked, where you otherwise wanted this information to remain private. This occurs even though you are using a virtual private network to visit certain sites or send information online. This in turn represents a security threat, which can pose danger to the client. This is especially dangerous for businesses who are sending extremely confidential information online, who don’t want this information to be seen, and a leak can threaten the integrity or compromise otherwise private information.

Final Words

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