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Providing the ICT Industry with World Class Expertise

Seccuris invests significantly in research and development through Seccuris Labs and is a major contributor in several Information Communications Technology (ICT) Ecosystem projects, as well as collaborative research projects with other information security research establishments including universities, product vendors, and telecommunications companies.

Our R&D focus includes Information Security Research & Development, Validation & Testing Services, and Secure Operating System Design. We have a diverse and highly skilled workforce comprised of Kernel and C programmers, threat and vulnerability experts, digital forensics analysts, business risk-based modeling professionals, and thought leaders in innovation and commercialization of technology.

Our information security-focused capabilities include software development, architecture analysis & design, and custom analysis tool development. With an international reach, Seccuris Labs researches and evaluates issues that are relevant to academia, the security industry, and our customers.

From having our code integrated in critical iOS applications developed by Apple Inc.,creating jamming technology for defence systems to developing solutions for next-generation digital forensics and enhancing information security standards, we have made a number of contributions to the field of information security.

Addressing All Aspects of Information Risk Management

Our expertise spans many vertical markets and enterprises. We have extensive experience delivering information security programs, solutions and services in several industries, including government, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, utilities, oil and gas, retail, and gaming. We provide ongoing services and have delivered successful engagements to customers across Canada, USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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