Seccuris Launches Cloud-Based Information Security Service

Seccuris today announced the release of OneStone, an Information Assurance Portal service and transformative offering developed through Seccuris’ vast experience in managed security services. As a premier North American information assurance integrator, Seccuris provides clients with security and risk management consulting services, managed security services, security solution integration, and education services.

OneStone is a cloud-based information security service that provides customers, in all lines of business, 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across the enterprise.

Using Seccuris’ advanced security information and event-management technology, OneStone enables customers to select various services such as: threat and vulnerability management, and business threat and risk assessments through a software-as-a-service portal. The OneStone dashboard provides executives, security practitioners, and IT personnel a view of relevant, summarized, and detailed information on the organization’s security posture and overall enterprise risk level.

The initial release of OneStone provides Threat Management services, including 24×7 monitoring and management of internal and external threats to an organization’s network environment. Using a sophisticated correlation and threat reporting engine, OneStone is able to detect and alert on: anomalous behavior patterns, threats and attacks creating data loss, privacy and compliance breaches, service outages, and other business impacts on critical business applications, operating systems and network devices. OneStone’s services include:

  • Real-time analytics and business intelligence on threat event activity;
  • A powerful security management system to track, manage and report threat events;
  • The ability to access Seccuris Information Security Analysts and Forensics services for expert immediate assistance 24×7; and,
  • Comprehensive reports to demonstrate security control, risk management, and compliance.

“With threats to an organization’s information assets and the cost of remaining secure increasing all the time, we developed OneStone to effectively address these needs,” says Geoff Besko, President and CEO of Seccuris, “OneStone is more than a service; it’s a capability…enabling organizations of all sizes to have improved threat visibility and providing them the ability to respond to the new realities of information security… rapidly, cost-effectively and with confidence.”

Response from customers to OneStone has been overwhelmingly positive. Rick Wanner, Client Technology Manager (Corporate Security) at SaskTel in Regina, one of the first customers to use the OneStone Threat Management service, commented: “Our team really likes the advanced analytics, and the way OneStone maps security issues to an IT problem. The built-in ticketing workflow allows us to further streamline the remediation process.” Andrew Glasser SaskTel, Director of Corporate Security went on to say: “The addition of the OneStone service further enhances our ability to respond effectively and rapidly to security events, and will enable us to reduce the time required to stop a potential incidentfrom turning into a crisis.”

To more effectively distribute OneStone in the North American market, Seccuris has developed a partner reseller program, aimed primarily at managed service providers (MSPs) and telecommunications providers. The addition of cloud-based managed security services provides MSPs and Telcos additional high value services for their traditional managed and network service customers.

For more information about OneStone, please visit the website at