Managed Security

The end-to-end Managed Security Services (MSS) offering from Seccuris provides clients with a level of threat awareness and critical asset protection that is difficult for most organizations to achieve on their own. For over a decade, our clients have leveraged the expertise of our information security analysts, our robust and automated threat monitoring capability, and our cutting edge research and development to stay on top of a rapidly changing regulatory environment and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

OneStone logoAt the core of our Managed Security Services is our cost-effective OneStone™ Information Assurance Portal that provides organizations 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across the enterprise.

Utilizing Seccuris’ advanced security information and event management technology, OneStone enables customers to select various services such as: threat and vulnerability management, asset classification and tracking, and business threat and risk assessments through a software-as-a-service portal. The OneStone dashboard provides executives, security practitioners, and IT personnel a view of relevant, summarized, and detailed information on the organization’s security posture and overall enterprise risk level. OneStone includes:

Benefits of Seccuris Managed Security Services

  • Improved threat protection over in-house solutions – Using cutting-edge technology and expertise, Seccuris delivers 24x7x365 awareness and response to the latest threats and unauthorized intrusions
  • Effective security controls – Seccuris integrates effective controls that enable your organization to demonstrate robust security management and comply with various industry regulations
  • Measurable security – Seccuris’ comprehensive threat reports can be used to track your information security progress  and provide actionable data
  • Proactive management – Seccuris can identify and assist you with remediation of technical vulnerabilities before they impact your business
  • Cutting-edge research and development – Seccuris invests heavily in research and development to create ground-breaking tools and techniques that ensure your information is well-protected
  • Cost savings—Reduces costs (staffing, training, maintenance, and infrastructure) associated with securing information assets. For a cost comparion of a Managed Service vs. an in-house program, download the “Outsourcing Information Security: The Benefits of a Managed Security Service” business case at the bottom of this page.

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