Security Consulting

Performance-Based Approach to Information Security

Guarding against the loss or disclosure of confidential information is a necessity, as is the need for compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements mandated by customers, industries, and governments for protecting and retaining information, as well as maintaining critical services.

With the overwhelming number and complexity of threats, how do you develop an Information Assurance program that focuses on what is important to your organization? Through understanding the priorities of your business and then applying those priorities in an information security context, you can focus your investment on providing assurance that risks are being managed within acceptable limits.

As a leader in Information Assurance, Seccuris enables organizations to achieve business goals through effective management of information risk.

Security Consulting Services

Seccuris provides a wide breadth of information security consulting services ranging from information security program development and execution, assessment and audit, and training to security architecture, development, and solution implementation.
Our Information Assurance Consulting Services include:
  • Enterprise Security Architecture - Mapping security efforts to business requirements through security architecture development, assessment, and implementation services
  • Information Assurance Audit - Assessment and design of information security services and solutions to enable the control objectives of a client enterprise security program
  • IT Risk Management and Compliance - Identify, prioritize, and manage business risk through IT risk management, audit, and environment assessment
  • Forensic Response Services —Flexible and in-depth technical support for digital evidence acquisition, processing, and analysis in an enterprise
  • Technology Solutions - Integrate and deploy the right technology solutions to improve the integrity of your security posture

The Importance of Information Assurance

Information Assurance is about taking an integrated approach to enterprise risk and aligning organizational business objectives with information security objectives. Seccuris can help you to ensure that information security efforts contribute to the ongoing success of your organization in a way that is accountable, through an Integrated Assurance approach, using:
  • Best Practices— Using industry-recognized standards, frameworks, controls, and regulations, we provide you a high level of service quality
  • Applied Experience— Through the application of our practical knowledge, experience, and expertise, we will help translate your business objectives into an appropriate security program
  • Architecture Expertise— Using our proven approach to Enterprise Security Architecture, Seccuris will develop a roadmap to define key Information Security priorities, allowing you to focus on your business while mitigating your risks appropriately
  • Experience Working with Information Security Practitioners —Seccuris works closely with directors, project/program managers, and security architects/ practitioners to help them understand the information security issues that they face; we provide the tools and training to recognize risk and eliminate it efficiently
  • Managed Services— Outsourcing components of your security program, such as Enterprise Threat Monitoring (including Wireless and Mobile), ongoing Vulnerability Management, and Device Management, allows you to focus on your business while we focus on helping to manage your risks and exposure
  • Closely Aligned Technology Solutions —We will leverage our partnerships with industry leading technology vendors, designing, implementing, integrating, and managing many of their solutions on your behalf
  • Advanced Technical Knowledge— We are at the forefront of Information Assurance as we develop methodologies, processes, systems, and tools to deal with the threat horizon

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