Leaders in Information Assurance Integration

Seccuris is the North American leader in premium Enterprise Security Architecture and Information Assurance Integration. We are a proven security consulting, risk management, and managed services firm serving clients since 1999.

We’re the unique alternative in cybersecurity because we assess each client’s security in relation to their entire enterprise, not just their technology. Then we tailor the exact program they need to improve their security without limiting their ability to conduct business, and make effective risk-based decisions at every level.

Seccuris is also comnmitted to education and research so that we remain on the leading-edge of technical and governance knowledge in our industry.

Seccuris Helps Clients to Leverage Risk Effectively

Keep critical infrastructure running. In a world of complex IT environments, conflicting stakeholder requirements and changing business models, your organization’s exposure to unforeseen impacts increases. We provide clarity on the information security risks at hand with a focus on traceability and control.

Achieve optimized compliance. A lack of strategy regarding compliance issues results in duplication of effort, unjustified maintenance costs, and lack of value. Unnecessary controls can actually hinder business, undermining the impacts for which they were designed. Our balanced approach to information systems compliance helps ensure effective strategy that responds to the business, technology and regulatory needs of your organization.

Make operational risks visible and gain control. Operational risks occur in every organization. A reactive approach to impact management is detrimental to your organization’s brand and inefficient, depleting valuable operational resources. We proactively identify and assess risk on a continuous basis and develop strategies to manage and control impact, enabling your organization to grow with improved performance.

Maintain a competitive edge. All organizations pursue better service, higher performance and lower costs. We help ensure that the intangible attributes unique to your business are assured— throughout the information lifecycle. We also help you align your organization to protect the essence of your business.

Expand into new frontiers with confidence. New markets, new relationships, and new technologies bring new threats and unknown impacts. We help develop information security strategies, establish control, and harness effective technologies—providing your stakeholders the confidence to move forward and execute new business opportunities.

Our end-to-end services address all aspects of information risk management. Effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) of information-based assets is essential for achieving and improving organizational performance over time, however the justification of effort, complexity of implementation, and tractability of value from GRC can be a daunting task. Our Information Assurance practice helps your organization develop and adopt an integrated, strategic approach to GRC implementation. This enables the achievement of consistent, positive growth in value and performance, and the maintenance of a competitive edge.

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